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Unofficial results released by Summit County Board of Elections

By LAURA FREEMAN | Reporter Published: November 16, 2016 12:00 AM

The Summit County Board of Elections released its unofficial election results Nov. 8, 2016, with 256,083 ballots cast out of 361,104 registered voters and a 71 percent voter turnout for Summit County.

U.S. Senator winner was incumbent Rob Portman (R) with 120,549 votes or 49.60 percent, beating Ted Strickland (D) who had 108,807 votes or 44.77 percent, Tom Connors (NPC) who had 5,133 votes or 2.11 percent, Joseph R. DeMare (GRE) who had 4,672 votes or 1.52 percent and Scott Rupert who had 3,689 votes or 1.52 percent.

For 14th District Congressional Representative, incumbent David P. Joyce (R) won with 39,623 votes (58 percent), beating Michael Wager (D) who had 28,694 (42 percent).

Ohio 37th House District

The Ohio 37th District State Representative winner was incumbent Kristina Daley Roegner with 34,884 votes (57 percent), beating Casey Weinstein (D) with 26,090 votes (43 percent). Locally, the district covers Macedonia, Northfield Center and Northfield Village.

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"I am so thankful to the wonderful people of the 37th House District for providing me the opportunity to continue serving as their State Representative and I give glory to God for our victory," said Roegner. "We had a tremendous team of volunteers and grass roots support. I am grateful for the outpouring of support I received in this election. I look forward to getting back to work on the issues facing Ohio. Together we have moved Ohio forward and together we will continue that momentum."

Weinstein said he was proud of the campaign he ran.

"I am confident I worked as hard as I could, and am thankful for the amazing support I received from across our community," he said. "And I wish Representative Roegner the very best as she continues to represent us in Columbus."

Weinstein said he learned navigating through a campaign is incredibly challenging, but worth it.

"There are incredible people across our district who are committed to working to make our communities better," he said.

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Weinstein, who has been a member of Hudson City Council for a year, said he will focus on Council, especially on green and energy efficiency initiatives.

"To me, this is a win-win," Weinstein said. "We get cleaner energy while saving money for our citizens."

Ohio 38th House District

The Ohio 38th District State Representative winner was incumbent Marilyn Slaby with 34,637 votes (63 percent), beating Judith Lynn Lee (D) with 20,129 votes (37 percent). Locally, the district covers Sagamore Hills.

Through a spokesperson, Slaby said she wants to continue "to make Ohio an example for the rest of the country to follow."

"I am thrilled for the opportunity to return to the state House for the 132nd General Assembly," she said. "I look forward to working hard on behalf of the residents of the 38th District."

Lee said she was "very proud as a first-time candidate against an incumbent like Marilyn Slaby."

"It was a long battle," Lee said. "Although I did not win, I can say I am a winner in the hearts of a lot of people. I have gained trust, friendship and support. I wish Marilyn Slaby much success."

Lee said she is considering running again.

"I am still on a mission to accomplish what I set out to do," she said, adding the wants to try to get more women in the Ohio Legislature and do a better job with educational funding -- "holding charter schools more accountable with their money."

County Council

Summit County Council District 1 winner was Ron Koehler (R) with 16,158 votes (50.88 percent), beating fellow Macedonia resident Rita Darrow (D) who had 15,597 votes (49.12 percent).

Summit County Council-at-large winner was incumbent Elizabeth M. Walters (D) with 121,143 votes or 54.99 percent, beating Christopher L. Parker (R) who had 99,141 votes or 45.01 percent.

Summit County Council-at-large incumbent Clair E. Dickinson (D) won with 121,317 votes (56 percent), beating Alex Pavloff (R) who had 97,052 votes (44 percent).

County officials

Summit County Executive winner was incumbent Ilene L. Shapiro (D) with 134,287 votes (59 percent), beating Bill Roemer (R) who had 94,335 votes (41 percent).

Summit County Prosecuting Attorney winner was incumbent Sherri Bevan Walsh (D) with 149,110 votes (64 percent), beating John E. Chapman (R) who had 83,831 votes (36 percent).

Summit County Clerk of Courts will be incumbent Sandra Kurt (D) with 119,936 votes (53 percent), beating Ann Marie O'Brien (R) who had 104,913 (47 percent).

Summit County Sheriff Steve Barry (D) was re-elected unopposed with 166,991 votes.

Summit County Fiscal Officer incumbent Kristen M. Scalise (D) won with 150,568 votes (65 percent), beating Jeff Iula (R) who had 79,800 votes (35 percent).

Summit County Engineer Alan Brubaker (D) was re-elected unopposed with 166,481 votes.

Judicial races

9th District Court of Appeals Judge Thomas A. Teodosio won with 140,077 votes (68 percent), beating Diana M. Stevenson with 66,236 votes (32 percent).

9th District Court of Appeals incumbent Judge Donna J. Carr was re-elected with 152,414 votes after running unopposed.

9th District Court of Appeals incumbent Judge Lynne A. Callahan won re-election with 155,907 votes or after running unopposed.

Common Pleas Court Judge Joy Malek Oldfield won with 106,111 votes (55 percent), beating incumbent Scot A. Stevenson with 86,780 votes (45 percent).

Common Pleas Court Judge Alison Breaux won with 100,055 votes (51 percent), beating incumbent Todd McKenney with 96,492 votes (49 percent).

Domestic Relations Judge Katarina Cook won with 103,225 votes (53 percent), beating Ron Cable with 90,758 votes (47 percent).

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